As some of you know, I’ve been collecting (which could possibly be referred to as hoarding) cool textiles for the past year. And a few months ago, I FINALLY started doing something with them! Yay! I pulled out the ol’ sewing machine, started measuring and cutting, and have created one-of-a-kind pillows out of beautiful Guatemalan huipiles and Malian mudcloth. Some of the pieces of fabric I’ve purchased, I’ll be selling online as is because they are just too great to cut up. Seriously, the WEAVING and DYEING  and TIME that go into these pieces is unbelievable. I have definitely found a new love in textile hoarding  collecting and can’t wait to hit the road again to add to my piles!

Our online shop will be live soon…in the meantime, please peruse these photos and let me know what you think :)