Hello all! My apologies for being silent for so long…again. I’m going to make a solid effort to be more focussed on this blog, and Drift and Nest in general, this year. 2016 is THE year to grow this textile-loving business!

So, I think an update is needed on all things that have been going on. Fall quickly turned into winter, and winter quickly turned quite busy for me. Although I had not planned on being so busy, it was a welcome surprise as it forced me to be more brave about my budding business. I ended up being in 4 markets in November and December which was 4 more than I had planned on doing! I was definitely happy to get Drift and Nest out there a little more (scared shitless as well), but they all turned out great and were a success – even if just to hand out business cards.

As for the online store, we have yet to finish our own version of it…so in the meantime, I have opened an Etsy shop! I wasn’t expecting much because Etsy is such a HUGE marketplace with tons and tons of vendors but people have been finding my little shop and buying! Yay! Link to the shop is after the following colourful photos…enjoy :)



Otomi, Ikat, and tie dye pillows

Pillows at State of the Heart Pop Up

Trunk of pillows at Oaklands Winter Market

Set up at Oaklands Winter Market

Some pillows at Drift

Colourful pouches

Pillows to ship to new homes

Link to Drift and Nest shop >>> https://www.etsy.com/ca/shop/DriftandNest