Now that it’s been a year (!!!) since we bought one way flights to Costa Rica and left 2 weeks later (with a 15-month-old toddler in tow), I figure it’s probably time to post some photos from that part of our 4 month trip. Haha. Queen of procrastination over here! And it’s not like I never look at the pictures; I look at them ALL THE TIME and long to be away and on the beach again. We have had a lovely fall so far in Victoria, so I can’t really complain. As soon as it turns to the grey skies and blowing rain of winter though…it’s going to be very hard to not just break our lease and get the heck outta here!

Our first stop after arriving in San Jose was the little surf town of Santa Teresa at the southern tip of the Nicoya Peninsula. We arrived in mid-October and it was QUIET. So quiet, indeed, that I wanted to turn around and head home after about a week because I was so lonely. When we walked to the grocery store, we were more likely to run into dogs and horses than other people. Yes, that quiet. Chris was working remotely during the day, so it was just Dane and I roaming the town and beach looking for fun things to do. By 10am, the beach was scorchingly hot with little to no shade so our beach time was really limited to early morning and late afternoon. Which turned out quite nicely because those were also the times that Chris wanted to surf, so we could be his not-so-captive audience (much too busy chasing hermit crabs and getting sand EVERYWHERE)! By the first week of November, the sleepy little town had started to shift to the busy season. And busy it got…when we left mid-November, there were people everywhere, all the restaurants and shops had opened back up after the slow season, and the road was filled with ATVs, motorbikes, and cars.

See the bottom of the post for places we enjoyed in and around Santa Teresa! And enjoy the photos :)



Places we especially enjoyed in and around Santa Teresa:

  • Olam – an amazing restaurant serving fresh, organic food for breakfast and lunch. Located in the Nautilus Hotel. They also have a beautiful open-deck yoga studio and offer massages.
  • Soda El Bosque – a great and inexpensive restaurant right on the main road (across from Hostal Brunela). I pretty much ate their casado con pescado every other day.
  • Maracuya Juice Bar – located right on the main road (across from Hostal Brunela); great for fast juices and smoothies.
  • The Bakery – cozy little restaurant/coffee shop that has a great patio and delicious food. Located near the crossroads at Playa Carmen.
  • Cabo Blanco Nature Reserve – located right at the southern tip of the peninsula, there are hiking trails, plenty of animals, and a beautiful beach (that we never made it to, but we did see pictures!).
  • the giant tide pool between Santa Teresa and Playa Hermosa that’s only exposed at low tide – this spot was super cool for letting Dane get used to the water without having to worry about big waves.


Pura Vida, Part 2 coming soon with photos and stories from the Caribbean side!