Oh man, I’ve got the travel bug. BAD. I don’t know if it’s the weather and my body and mind (and seriously dry skin) are just over winter in Canada. Or if it’s all the travel articles I’ve been reading lately (see below). Or the fact that we just hooked up our old computer and I’ve been inundated with all of our old travel photos from beautiful places like Mexico, Thailand, USA, Hong Kong, Indonesia, and Costa Rica. Probably a mix of all of those things. Regardless of the reason, I am itching to get out of here and go on an adventure…preferably to somewhere warm and tropical!


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On our list of places to visit in the next few years:

  • South America – I spent 4 months in Brazil 10 (!!!) years ago and LOVED it. And I know Chris will love it because of their huge coastline and all that surf. I also want to visit Argentina, Uruguay, Bolivia, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia…pretty much most countries in South America actually!
  • France/Spain/Portugal – we had wanted to do a van adventure through these (again, surfable – are you seeing a trend?!) countries a few years ago but I got pregnant and we knew we couldn’t go then because, when in these amazing countries, ALL I will want to do is drink cheap wine and eat amazing soft cheeses. So that trip was put on hold. But now that Dane is here and big and loves cheese, too, the time is hopefully near! Plus, seeing this family’s adventures is making me suuuuuuper jealous.
  • Kenya/Tanzania/Zimbabwe/South Africa – this video sums up what I would like to see/do there…aaaand to the best song, ever.
  • Canada/USA – we’re actually heading down to California soon for about 2 weeks to meet up with family and do some camping. But we would really like to do a van/motorhome adventure across Canada and all through the states. Seriously, there is so much beauty to be seen on this continent and I can’t wait to hit the road.
  • Central America – we LOVED our time in Costa Rica last year (read more about our time on the Pacific coast here…the Caribbean edition is coming soon, I promise!). We would love to go back to visit friends and cruise the roads and beaches of Puerto Viejo again, and I actually envision that being a trip in our close future (maybe, hopefully, ok who knows). But while in that zone again, I really, REALLY need to get to Guatemala to check out all those gorgeous textiles in person. Nicaragua is also on the list, of course :)
  • Indonesia – Chris and I spent time in Bali and Lombok a number of years ago now and we always talk about going back. Good food, good vibes, beautiful people, and stunning scenery. Can’t wait to take our little dude there as well!